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A world ravaged by barbarian wars, unified by mighty heroes, developed by both the sweat of the artisans and the power of the mages. A world created by the mighty Boranis and governed by his children Shivanah, Tishar and Mechila and their retinue.

Countless eons have passed, since the first World Drakes climbed down from the World Mountain in Oblivion and started breathing life and substance into the empty reaches of their newfound home. The Drakes made numerous worlds and breathed life onto each and every one of them, or so the legends tell.

One of these worlds is Elrahna. A world much like our own Earth, although different in many subtle, and some not-so-subtle, ways. First of all, the existence and usage of magic is real and very prominent, although epic magic as we know and read about in Fantasy novels and movies is very rare. Secondly, the population of Elrahna is as foreign and fantastic as any story you’ve ever read or heard of – Dwarves, Goblins, Giants and fantastic and dangerous monsters are all part of this world.

Home Page

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